Offer a Seat!

Offer a Seat!

“Wake up.. It’s 9.30AM” said a loud angry voice.

It was a usual day in Aarush’s life where he is woken by his dad in this manner.

“Just 2 minutes more, Papa” replied Aarush in his sleepy voice. He continued, “I slept late last night. I was working on a presentation.”

“People wake up early and go to work. Does it look good for a 25-year old to be reminded this every single day?”, said his dad turning a page of the newspaper he was now reading.

In order to avoid getting into any uncomfortable argument again, Aarush choose not to reply.

“Gaurang gets an 18-lakh package in his company”, his dad continued completely dejected by Aarush’s entrepreneurial plans.

Aarush had tried to express his point-of-view to his parents earlier. However, he could not yield any support. The constant comparison with other guys in the social-circle and the lack of acknowledgement of his business concept were not doing any good to his mental well-being.

Not the one to argue back strongly with his parents, Aarush held back his feelings and continued with his daily chore.


Aarush checked the time on his phone while heading to Kandivali station. It was 10.34AM. He had lined up a client meeting for 12 noon at Dadar.

Waiting for the 10.40 Churchgate – Fast, he plugged in the earphones to his phone.

Music ON, World OFF!


Aarush unlocked his phone to check the unread Whatsapp messages, while enjoying the outside view from the window seat.

His phone seemed to have caught the attention of a kid sitting right opposite to him. Like most of the kids, he was curious to know what this device in Aarush’s hands was all about. The kid’s smile was infectious and in no time it had a positive impact on Aarush. Suddenly, he was in a happy mood. Both of them started conversing through facial expressions and were enjoying every bit of it.


The train, now, was highly crowded as it departed from Andheri station.

Noticing an old man in the compartment, Aarush quickly offered him his seat.

“God bless you”, said the old man while taking the seat.

“Thank You!” replied Aarush.

He got back to his music and secret play with the kid.


Noticing the old man say something, Aarush quickly paused the playlist.

Feeling apologetic, he asked the old man, “Uncle, did you say something to me?”

“Do you realize it’s the second time this week you have offered me a seat?” asked the old man.

Trying to recollect, Aarush replied, “No, I don’t. But your face does look familiar.”

Adjusting the office bag on his lap, the old man reverted, “I am very happy to know that a youngster like you still respects an old man.”

Aarush exchanged a smile in humility.

“What makes you sacrifice your seat for someone else?” asked the curious old man.

Aarush replied, “Maybe somewhere, someone will offer a seat to my dad. That’s the least I can do to make him happy.”

The old man didn’t reply and simply smiled.

Aarush continued the song on the playlist.

“Next station Dadar”, said the railway announcement.

Watch this space for more stories!


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