You’re an MBA!

You're an MBA!

“Hello beta, how have you been?” greeted Mrs. Joshi while waiting for the elevator at the building lobby.

Aarush smiled and replied “I am good”, clearly not in a mood to strike a conversation with Mrs. Joshi. He usually avoids interaction with the people in his society since the conversations, after a while, turns in to a lecture about career/life/marriage.

“Somebody seems to have not closed the doors of the elevator on the 7th floor”, said Mrs. Joshi in a frustrated tone. “The Mehta family, flat no. – 702, are very ignorant in this matter. I’ll take their case.” she cribbed further.

Aarush pretended to have received an important message on his mobile phone – the best trick to look busy and avoid talking.

“How come you are home this time? No office?” she asked, certainly not understanding the lack of interest shown by the other person.

Aarush, still checking out his mobile phone, replied “I’ve taken a day off”.

“Btw, what is the name of the Bank you working for? Your mom had told me but I fail to remember now” she asked, while further continuing the conversation.

“I was working at FirstRand Bank. I quit two months ago”, said Aarush, while checking the elevator screen. He heaved a sigh of relief, since the elevator was about to reach the ground floor.

“WHAT! Who quits a Banking job? I mean why did you quit? What are you doing now?” she asked, in a state of shock.

“Ahaa, the elevator’s here”, said Aarush, quite happy at the timing of the elevator.

“I am working on something else.” continued Aarush, while opening the doors of the elevator.

“What are you working on?” quizzed the curious Mrs. Joshi, while stepping her way in to the elevator.

Aarush replied, while pressing the buttons for the 4th and 6th floor (Aarush and Mrs. Joshi, respectively.), “We are designing content and courses for the school kids. It’s something in addition to their current subjects – Maths, Science, Social Studies, etc. So the first course we are working on is “Money” since we noticed that the current education doesn’t touch upon this domain. The course will help the kids understand about the concept of Money and its importance. It will also have topics like savings, investment, budgeting, banking, etc. Right now, we are in the process of designing the syllabus and then, work on the content.”

He saw the screen. It said 3rd floor.

She quickly pounced in “Is there any scope for this?”

Aarush replied “We’ll know the scope once we are done with the final content, and then we can pitch to the educational institutes”.

The elevator arrived at the 4th floor, much to the delight of Aarush.

Mrs. Joshi was silent, a very rare moment.

“See you” said Aarush, while exiting the elevator and moving towards his flat.

“Will you be a teacher” she asked, while standing at the elevator entrance. The elevator is held waiting.

“You can say so” replied Aarush. He thought this is the easiest way to make Mrs. Joshi understand.

“Is this what an MBA supposed to be doing?” she quizzed further, clearly not impressed with Aarush’s plans.

Aarush replied “Everyone wants to be successful. We want to be the ones who help people to be successful. This will be our SUCCESS!”, while having a confident smile on his face.

“Also, creating a genius is more difficult than being one” he continued, with a mischievous wink.

Mrs. Joshi was silent, for the second time.

“Please close the doors. Kripiya darwaza bandh kijiye”, announced the elevator, finally!

Watch this space for more stories!


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  1. Chaitali
    August 15, 2015 at 11:03 pm

    well done .👍

    • whishbox
      August 25, 2015 at 8:47 pm

      Thanks for the encouragement Chaitali!

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