What the F@#K!

What the F@#K!

August, 2013

Routine is boring – waking up early morning, forcing oneself to the workplace, working (pretend to), bitching about the co-workers during lunch break, pondering over the thought of quitting the job, remembering the good ol’ college days, constantly waiting for the clock to spread its arms wide (i.e., strike 6pm), struggling to sneak into a BO/V local, getting welcomed at home by the lead characters of the soap-opera being watched by your mother/sister/wife (especially for the men), catching up with the family over dinner, and then spending time with the ‘bae’ over phone calls/text messages before finally hitting the bed.

Next day is an exact REPEAT!


It was one of the usual days at office for Yash when suddenly his iPhone (because calling it a ‘phone’ might offend him) notifies 1 WhatsApp message.

It’s Jay on the WestCoast Club group, “Kya plan hai aaj ka?”

Parin responds “Aaj mujhe bohat kaam hai. Kal milte hai”. Dhaval is typing

DJ replies “Let’s partyy!”. Dhaval is typing

Rajesh changes the group name from “WestCoast Club” to “Garba Time”

Parin: “Navratri aaj se hai? I’ll see you at 9”. Dhaval is typing

Yash: “Cool! See you all at 9”. Dhaval is typing

Jay: “BC! Aaj se apna Tomorrowland shuru..”. Dhaval is typing

DJ: “What’s the dress code?”. Dhaval is typing

Jay: “BC! Tu kaunsa red carpet pe entry maarne wala hai!”. Dhaval is typing

Rajesh changes the group picture.

Jay: “@rajesh: BC! Kidhar mara pada hai?”. Dhaval is typing

Rajesh: “Office. See you in the building:. Dhaval is typing

DJ: “It’s going to be superrrrr funn… Awesome…waiting for 9pm”. Dhaval is typing

Jay: “K.”. Dhaval is typing

Dhaval: “Is anyone coming down today?”.


Now if you’ve been to a Navratri night, you’ll easily be able to classify the crowd as follows:

1) Kids – they come to dance, and enjoy. Nothing else matters to them except reaching back home on time in order to not miss the school next morning.

2) Teenagers – They come to dance, and enjoy. They also come for selfies and to check out the opposite sex. #Selfie #Groupie #Instapic #Instalike #Pout #whatiwore

3) Mid-20s – They come to enjoy. Some dance, rest don’t. But everyone checks out the opposite sex.

4) Married men – They don’t want to dance or enjoy. They come to keep an eye on their spouse.

5) Married women – They come to dance, enjoy and express. They are the only people who use this opportunity to meet people, dress up for the occasion, and feel happy. Undoubtedly, the best people in the crowd!

6) The Senior Citizens – It’s the best time for them to gather information about the people from the 3rd category. Which guy is a CA/Engineer/Doctor? How much is he earning? Is he single or committed? Which girl is the prettiest of the lot? What is she up to these days? Is she single or committed? Too much of work, so kindly do not disturb them!


Like always, it was one crazy night! There’s something about this festival that gets everyone on their feet! Everything is special – the music, the dance, the costume, and the vibe! Smiles everywhere is what we want to see, and that’s what we get.

Post the musical session, the WestCoast Club decides to spend some time at their adda – The Raju’s! Over some cups of cutting chai and ukada (masala milk), they continue their conversation.

The Raju's!

The Raju’s!

Parin asks “Arey, voh Black dress wali kaun thi?” while having the first sip of the chai.

Jay gets excited. He prefers to wait for the answer before having his first sip.

DJ, answers with a swag, “Chandni. D-wing. 6th floor. Married.”

Parin, in a quick response, “Mujhe dekhke smile kar rahi thi.”

Jay, true to his quick wit, “BC! Ha ha. Tu usse uske bhai ki yaad dilata hoga”.

Jay – 1, Rest – 0!

Dhaval, “kal Sheesha chalte hai. What say?”

Parin, with his trademark dialogue, “Mujhe bohat kaam hai. You guys carry on.”

DJ, the always overtly-excited guy in the group, “Awesome bro. I am in.”

Jay, slightly subdued this time, “Kal office se late aaunga. I can’t come.”

DJ: “Kal Saturday hai yaar. Kitna kaam karega tu!”

Yash, contributes with his sarcasm, “Kutton ka Saturday-Sunday nahi hota”

Jay – 1, Yash – 1, Rest – 0!

Rajesh, puts in his thoughts, “Let’s go to some other place, something new, something happening”

DJ, wanting to dismiss the idea, “Tu koi place suggest kar”

Rajesh, defending his thought, “Wait. I’ll check out some place online. We’ll select the place which has the best reviews”.

Jay pulls himself out of the discussion, and gets busy on his mobile phone.

Yash, “The reviews can be fake; they may be paid for writing that stuff”, while requesting DJ to order a Maaza for him.

Dhaval: “Kidhar bhi chalo, par chalo”.

Parin, in all enthusiasm, “Par dance floor hona chaiye”

Rajesh: “Bitch Please. Why is dance floor a necessity? We should go where we find the best crowd!”

Parin: “Oye foreigner, agar tu jayega toh voh best crowd kaise rahega!”, and everyone bursts out laughing.

Jay – 1, Yash – 1, Parin – 1, Rest – 0!

Now, this is quite common in the conversation, wherein Parin and Rajesh can convert any conversation in to an argument. So everyone else seems to be indifferent to this war of words between them.


Everyone was done with their share of cutting chai and ukada, and they were about to leave. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Jay said “Kahi ghumne chalte hai. Like, for 7-8 days!”

As usual, Parin chipped in “Nahi yaar. Mujhe bohat kaam hai.”

Rajesh, usually the hardest person to please, got excited with this thought “Yeah. Great idea! Let’s go to Goa!”

DJ responded “No yaar. I am going with Zarana and her friends to Goa next January”

Probably, it was the best opportunity for Yash and Dhaval to get out of their mundane-corporate job. Hence, they wanted to cash in on this idea to the fullest.

Dhaval, struck gold, “North chalte hai. Manali. Kashmir. What say?”

Yash replied “Cool! Yeah North is a great option”, while ordering another bottle of Maaza.

Yes – 4, No – 2!


The next day, same time, same place

Jay, reminding everyone about the plans made the other day, “I have made a plan! Manali chalte hai. We’ll also cover Chandigarh, Amritsar and Dharamshala”, while passing on the piece of paper (which had the destinations and the schedule written on it) to DJ.

The Plan!

The Plan!

DJ: “So apne ko kaha se shuru karna hai? I mean tumlog kaha se shuru karoge!”, clearly making others understand his displeasure of not being able to make it.

Rajesh: “Sahi hai Jay. Saala, life me first time kuch acha kaam kiya tune”

Parin: “I want to come. But, mujhe bohat kaam hai yaar”

Dhaval, fully excited, “So kab jaana hai? December? January?”

Yash: “Kitna budget lagega?”, while requesting DJ to buy a bottle of Maaza for him.

Jay, the know-it-all guy this time, “8-days ke liye chalte hai, expenses would be around 25k”

Yash, grabbing the bottle of Maaza from the waiter at Raju’s, “Cool. I am in”.

Rajesh, wanting everyone to be a part of this trip, “DJ and Parin, tumlog bhi try karo na. It would be a kick-ass trip”.

DJ responds, “I have already committed to the Goa plan. Ab main kya kar sakta hu”, while blackmailing me of not paying for the Maaza in case I don’t give him some share from him.

Parin adds “Tujhe toh pata hi hai, mujhe kitna kaam hai. I can’t even think of this trip”

Jay, with his quick wit (insult), “BC! Tu manager hai ya labourer hai!”

Dhaval, while having made the calculations in his mind, “Great. We have 5 months to go. We can start with our savings accordingly”.

Still, Yes – 4, No – 2!


The plans for the Manali trip started progressing quite aggressively. Jay, Dhaval, Rajesh and Yash decided to book the flight tickets within a week’s time in order to avail the discounted price (as projected by the airline co.).

Dates were saved: 1st – 8th February, 2014


November 2013

It was the around the festive season of Diwali, Yash gets a call from Parin. The conversation is as follows:

Parin: “Kidhar hai?”

Yash: “Office. Bol!”

Parin: “Mujhe kuch bolna hai. Par tu kisiko bolna mat. Okay?”

Yash: “Ha ha. Sure. Any problem”

Parin: “Yasssshhh. I can come for the trip. Maaain aaaa raaahhhaa hoooonn”

Yash: “Cool. Lekin how did you manage?”

Parin: “Voh important nahi hai. Par tu kisiko bata mat. I’ll book my tickets”

Yash: “Okay. See you”


While coming back home the same day, Yash bumped into Jay at the garden area of the society.

Jay: “Hey Yash. So sab set?”

Yash: “Ekdam!”

Jay: “BC! Yeh Parin bhi aa raha hai abhi. Par tu kisiko bolna mat”

Yash: “Tujhe kisne bataya?”

Jay: “Parin”

Yes – 5, No – 1!


Meanwhile, the upcoming trip was undoubtedly the topic of discussion when everyone would meet. It was something which made the routine work seemed exciting. Since, there was something to look upto.

The WhatsApp group name would, now, be daily updated like “90 days to go”, “89 days to go”, and so on.


December 2013

We reside in place of Bollywood. Our actions, thoughts and even imagination are filmy to a large extend. Situations in reel life are scripted, whereas in real life they are not! Reel life has song and dance, real life it doesn’t! Reel life has happy endings, real life may not have! Moral of the story: reel life can never be like our real life. Until, this happened!

There’s a famous film dialogue, “Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho … to puri kainath usse tumse milane ki koshish mein lag jaati hai”. It’s quite similar to the concept of ‘Law of Attraction’ as described in the book, “The Secret”.

Anyways, the point is this can happen to anyone! In this case, DJ had already planned trip to Goa with his girlfriend and her friends. But, everyone in the WestCoast Club knew where his heart is!

His heart rooted for Manali trip, not Goa!

That’s what, finally, happened!

The Goa plan got scrapped for some reason, and DJ was in for the ‘Journey of Discovery”.

Happy Ending!

Yes – 6, No – 0!


The excitement was at its peak. Smiles were on the faces of everyone involved in the trip!

Most of the things were taken care of well in advance: Flights, Hotels, Travel, etc. Everything was planned.

The first four (Jay, Dhaval, Rajesh and Yash) were booked for the 8.30am flight (Mumbai – Chandigarh). Whereas, the other two (Parin and DJ) would board the 7.00am flight (Mumbai – Delhi – Chandigarh).


31st January, 2014

Since the flight had to be boarded early morning the next day, they decided to have a night-out at Parin’s place.

For a change, there was no drama. It was quite subdued as compared to their other night-outs!


1st February, 2014

Finally, the D-Day had arrived. Each of them waited for this since past 5-months.

The joy and the excitement were at all-time high.

None of them knew how special the journey will turn out to be.


As expected, Rajesh had booked couple of cabs in advance.

Call it excitement or being extra cautious, the 6 of them had unanimously agreed to reach the airport well before time.

The formalities were complete, and with each process they were getting nearer to the journey.

The officials announced for the boarding of the passengers travelling in the 7.00am flight (Mumbai – Delhi – Chandigarh). Parin and DJ bid goodbye to the rest and left.

The other group went to the eatery section. Maybe they were genuinely hungry, or wanted to pass the time.

There was a sparkle in each ones’ eyes. The energy was infectious.

The boarding call of their flight was, probably, the most important thing in their lives.

It did finally happen. The boarding call for the 8.30am flight (Mumbai – Chandigarh) was made!

There was a spring in their feet that day. Happy Feet, is how it can be best described!


The 4 of them reached the boarding gate to find out a large no. of people gathered around the flight official.

There was a strong buzz. They couldn’t figure it out.

They went towards the crowd and happened to get the attention of the flight official.

Rajesh asked “What’s the matter, Sir?”

The flight official responded, while simultaneously making peace with crowd, “The flight is cancelled due to bad weather in Chandigarh”.

“WHAT THE F@#K!”, exclaimed Jay, aptly expressing the shock.

Watch this space for more stories!


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    @yash(#TheMisfit) I can actually imagine your actions when you guys have conversations…! 👍👌

    • whishbox
      August 25, 2015 at 8:45 pm

      Thanks Daksh! We’re happy that we could give life to the characters…

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