Our Story

It took us nearly 29 phone calls, around 2000+ messages on the WhatsApp group, couple of cancelled plans and a right dose of emotional blackmail to plan and meet our college friends from our post-graduation. Not to forget – approval from wife, sick leave from the boss and a made-up client visit also played a big role.

The place decided upon for the mini-reunion was a small intimate café in the busy lanes of Mumbai.

After the customary ‘Kitna badal gaya hai tu’; ‘Saale, tu bohat bada aadmi hogaya hai’; ‘BC! Abhi bhi formals me chomu dikhta hai’ statements, we all settled in.

“Three – Hot Chocolate Fudge” ordered one of our friends. “5 spoons”, he said further.

The conversations from here on started with “Do you remember….” and it touched upon the fondest memories. Be the first day of our college, the first lecture, the mass bunk, the dreaded hostel food, the nervous presentations, the night before the exams, the mid-night drive to Khopoli, the Counter-strike encounters, the hangover after the party, the fight for the common washing machine, the one-sided volleyball match, the campus linkups, the campus breakups, the campus interviews, the utorrent downloads, the last day of the college, the promise to stay in touch forever, and the struggle to plan this mini-reunion.

It was during this conversation we realized that though it has been couple of years since we passed out of college it didn’t take us a long time to re-connect with each other! How is that possible? We weren’t in regular touch through calls/messages, nor did we share a buddy-buddy bond on social-media. Then, what was it that got us going? The first thought which came to the mind was – the friendship. But there have been times wherein the best of friends find it difficult to re-connect after a long gap. Hence, it was something beyond our friendship. This thought intrigued us all day long.

“Eureka” – it’s one of those magic moments when wisdom strikes you. “We’ve got the answer” we thought. “We’ve got the right answer” we hoped.

For us, the answer was ‘Stories’! We think the reason why we could easily re-connect with our friends the other day is because each one of us was somewhere a part of the stories we all shared about ourselves. Sounds complicated? Go back to it again!

This is what sowed the seed of ‘Whishbox’, a platform for story-tellers to express and re-connect with the characters from their life-story!

Somehow, spreading smiles and happiness comes naturally to us. However, realising the fact that we can do the same through our stories is something we figured out through ‘Whishbox’.