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For all those who’ve been following our stories regularly would know we were out of action since quite a while. In case you’re reading us for the first time, you can read ‘Our Story’ to know how did it all began. So while starting, the team was unemployed and probably had just enough money to survive on a cup of coffee and work from a nearby café (the one which provided free Wi-Fi). A lot of time and thought process was put in for writing the stuff we have on our website. This is implied since we had all the time in the world and what could our ideal brains do otherwise. Our friends and people close to us liked what we were churning out, as for them they had no choice but to be kind to us. However, the realization of the fact that “Okay, we’re up to something” kicked in only when people from outside our circles connected with our intent and content. And yeah, we were now getting introduced as ‘The Storytellers’. Quite a high! Big time.

While all those cups of Hazelnut Latte, Java Chip and Green Tea at Starbucks were been invested into churning out some content, we landed ourselves in this world called ‘Digital Marketing’. We dived into corporate projects. Be it writing, designing, managing social media, website designing, we did whatever we could to the best of our abilities and sensibilities. We got deeper into this domain and even earned a good reputation for ourselves. Our world changed, quite drastically! Conversation over WhatsApp changed to communication over Gmail. Going the Dutch way over the coffee bill changed to ‘Let me pay this time’. To sum up, we happened to transport from the world of ‘WTF!’ to the world of ‘PFA!’.

All this didn’t allow us with enough time and motivation to churn out our content. We soon (after making some decent money) realized that we are now working for the people who’ve hired our services, and not for ourselves. We did happen to make great connections during this phase, but it surely wasn’t our playing field. We needed newer grounds, or we needed to create one. We took some serious decisions in alignment with our vision, and like always, it was over a cup of coffee (and some food) at the same café.


< So this is how it all started >


Yash: “Let’s order some food this time. I can’t think of ideas if I don’t eat.”

Chandresh: “Do they serve anything in Jain? Anything without potato, onion and garlic is fine with me!”, while diligently scouting the menu.

Yash: “Sorry to say, but only a cake seems to be a good option for you”, with under tones of sarcasm in the statement.

Chandresh: “Shut up. Will they have some Jain pizzas?”

Yash: “Yeah, only if the Italians approve of the Jain version of their most prized invention, Pizza. Hahaha.”

Vinay: “Chill guys! Let’s discuss on the matter for what we have met up tonight.”, while he receives a phone call from his wife which he disconnects.

Chandresh: “Yeah, so what’s the plan?”, while still looking out for Jain food in the menu.

Yash: “I have an idea!”, while his face glowed with a grin.

Vinay: “What’s in your mind?”, while disconnecting the call from his wife second time in a minute.

Chandresh: “Speak up, bro!”, clearly annoyed with the lack of Jain options available.

Yash: “I have this idea of a concept store. A store wherein we can help various artists/designers/brands with a platform to showcase their piece-of-art. We could be damn good curators.” in an animated manner with his hand gestures.

Vinay: “I thought we were going to do something online.”

Yash: “Online is good, but we need to play to our strengths.”

Chandresh: “As in? I didn’t get you.”

Yash: “Storytelling. Our strengths lie in making friends, connecting with them, and getting our thoughts across. So it’s better for us to create a physical buying experience and expressing ourselves rather than connecting with them just on a digital platform.” the hand gestures didn’t stop.

Vinay: “Do you really think we can pull this off? None of us have any experience in this domain”. His phone rang, it was his wife again. He did pick it up this time.

“No, I won’t be having dinner. I’m in a meeting so I’ll be late.”, he hung up the call.                                                

Vinay: “What about the investment? How will we get in touch with the designers/artists/brands?”, he questioned further.

Yash: “We’ll pull in our savings. I don’t have any, so I’m betting on both of you.”

Chandresh: “I think the location is the key. Let’s fix a place first, then we can proceed further.”, he sounded mighty interested.

Yash: “Exactly. Once we fix up a rented place, we can then shortlist the people with whom we want to collaborate.”, he simplified the whole plan.

Chandresh: “This sounds like a plan. Let’s do it.”

Vinay: “Guys, this is going too fast. We’ll have to do a lot of ground work to finalize a decent place in a city like Mumbai. Are you even aware the kind of rentals the store owners demand? Do you know what terms and conditions the artist/brands will lay down for collaboration? Do we know the existing competitors? How do we even know what kind of products will the customers like/buy? This needs a lot of research and experience.”

He definitely made some sense.

Yash: “Relax. I won’t answer your queries unless you order some food.”

A café attendant interrupted, “Sir, would you like to order something?”

Chandresh: “Is there anything available in Jain?”, he asked quickly.

Stay tuned for Part – 2.

Our Store Address:

Shop no. 5, Kohli Chawl no. 3, Opp. Peninsula Corporate Park, Lower Parel (West), Mumbai – 400013

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